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biology/botany herbaria/northern maidenhair fern adiantum pedatum polypodiaceae
biology/botany herbaria/german iris iris florentina iris germanica
biology/botany illustrations/aleppo pine pinus halepensis maritime pine pinus
biology/botany herbaria/french honeysuckle hedysarum coronarium fabaceae
biology/botany herbaria/wild angelica angelica sylvestris leonhart fuchs
biology/botany herbaria/german iris iris florentina iris germanica
biology/botany illustrations/common alder alnus glutinosa plant flowers
biology/botany illustrations/pinaceae leaves cones stone pine pinus pinea
biology/botany illustrations/botany fungi life cycle olpidium viciae
biology/botany illustrations/pinaceae leaves cones aleppo pine pinus halepensis
biology/botany illustrations/dark red meranti shorea ovalis mengaris tree
biology/botany illustrations/aleppo pine pinus halepensis maritime pine pinus
biology/botany illustrations/mastic tree pistacia lentiscus plant flower
biology/botany herbaria/coconut palm tree cocos nucifera east indies
biology/botany illustrations/botany different types leaves illustration
biology/botany illustrations/wild cherry prunus avium plant leaves flowers
biology/botany illustrations/botany theaceae tea plant camellia sinensis
biology/botany illustrations/botany zingiberaceae true cardamom elettaria
biology/botany illustrations/myrtaceae tasmanian blue gum eucalyptus globulus
biology/botany illustrations/silver wattle acacia dealbata plant flower leaf
biology/botany illustrations/apple belle du havre henry louis duhamel du monceau
biology/botany illustrations/leaves fruit samaras siberian elm ulmus pumila
biology/botany illustrations/bladder senna colutea arborescence henry louis
biology/botany illustrations/botany dicotyledons upper style stigma
biology/botany illustrations/eudorina illinoisensis illustration
biology/botany illustrations/sapindaceae leaves fruits horse chestnut aesculus
biology/botany illustrations/leptonia asprella illustration
biology/botany illustrations/botany plant pathology plasmopara viticola vine
biology/botany illustrations/botany trees sapindaceae inflorescence lychee
biology/botany illustrations/spikemoss selaginella sp illustration
biology/botany illustrations/haronga harungana madagascariensis plant flower
biology/botany illustrations/botany trees pinaceae lodgepole pine pinus
biology/botany illustrations/amazon rainforest illustration
biology/botany illustrations/australian silver oak grevillea robusta plant flower
biology/botany illustrations/platanaceae leaves fruits plane platanus
biology/botany illustrations/adoxaceae leaves common elderberry black elder
biology/botany illustrations/plant flowers leaves achene illustration
biology/botany illustrations/basidiomycota illustration
biology/botany illustrations/common aspen populus tremula plant flowers
biology/botany illustrations/omphalina pyxidata illustration
biology/botany illustrations/ceratium pentagonum illustration
biology/botany illustrations/leaves fruits samara keys sycamore maple acer
biology/botany illustrations/italian stone pine pinus pinea illustration
biology/botany illustrations/bombacaceae malvaceae baobab tree adansonia gregorii
biology/botany illustrations/fagaceae european beech fagus sylvatica
biology/botany illustrations/uapaca thouarsii plant flower leaf drupe
biology/botany illustrations/houseplant illustration
biology/botany illustrations/leaf shapes lanceolate ovate elliptic cordate
biology/botany illustrations/blue passion flower passiflora caerulea henry
biology/botany illustrations/pear cardinal henry louis duhamel du monceau
biology/botany illustrations/cryptogams cryptogamae illustration
biology/botany illustrations/big leaved lime tilia platyphyllos illustration
biology/botany illustrations/large group morchella fungi illustration
biology/botany illustrations/botany oleaceae leaves aggregate fruits manna
biology/botany illustrations/black locust robinia pseudoacacia plant leaves
biology/botany illustrations/velvety earth tongue trichoglossum hirsutum
biology/botany illustrations/fruit judas tree cercis siliquastrum illustration
biology/botany illustrations/myrtales malvales illustration
biology/botany illustrations/aceraceae leaves sycamore maple acer pseudoplatanus
biology/botany illustrations/trees sabia mimosa caesalpiniaefolia plant
biology/botany illustrations/screw pine pandanus odoratissimus hala tree pandanus
biology/botany illustrations/white mulberry morus alba plant flower leaf fruit
biology/botany illustrations/lilac syringa vulgaris henry louis duhamel
biology/botany illustrations/formation pollen flower
biology/botany illustrations/plant fruit cacao tree theobroma cacao color
biology/botany illustrations/araucaria sp illustration
biology/botany illustrations/pilobolus illustration
biology/botany illustrations/common grape vine vitis vinifera henry louis
biology/botany illustrations/field elm ulmus campestris minor henry louis
biology/botany illustrations/botany plant pathology stereum hirsutum hackberrys
biology/botany illustrations/botany fabaceae leaves fruits pagoda tree sophora
biology/botany illustrations/peach prunus persica plant flower foliage fruit
biology/botany illustrations/archegonium illustration
biology/botany illustrations/silver leaf chondrostereum purpureum
biology/botany illustrations/strawberry tree arbutus unedo henry louis duhamel
biology/botany illustrations/botany trees oleaceae shoot buds narrow leaved
biology/botany illustrations/botany sapindaceae leaves flowers goldenrain
biology/botany illustrations/european beech fagus sylvatica illustration
biology/botany illustrations/glycine glycine frutescens henry louis duhamel
biology/botany illustrations/meliaceae leaves chinese mahogany toona sinensis
biology/botany illustrations/willow salix lanata henry louis duhamel du monceau
biology/botany illustrations/ninebark spiraea opulifolia henry louis duhamel
biology/botany illustrations/saman pithecelloblum saman jatoba hymenaea courbaril
biology/botany illustrations/large group pezizales fungi illustration
biology/botany illustrations/pinaceae leaves cones cyprus cedar cedrus brevifolia
biology/botany illustrations/mock orange philadelphus coronarius henry louis
biology/botany illustrations/auri earleaf acacia acacia auriculiformis plant
biology/botany illustrations/leaves flowers southern catalpa catalpa bignonioides
biology/botany illustrations/schefflera longipedicellata plant flower leaf berry
biology/botany illustrations/leaves acorns pedunculate oak quercus robur sessile
biology/botany illustrations/striate earthstar geastrum striatum
biology/botany illustrations/red currant ribes rubrum henry louis duhamel
biology/botany illustrations/cantharellula umbonata illustration
biology/botany illustrations/strawberry guava psidium cattleianum plant flower
biology/botany illustrations/botany trees tiliaceae american basswood tilia
biology/botany illustrations/fagaceae sweet chestnut castanea sativa
biology/botany illustrations/plum la galifsonniere henry louis duhamel du monceau
biology/botany illustrations/leaves fruits samara keys neapolitan maple acer
biology/botany illustrations/coconut palm cocos nucifera sago palm metroxylon


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