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art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/italy florence view florence ponte alle
Italy, Florence, View of Florence with Ponte alle Grazie by Emilio Burci
#media dmcs-9572805
art/painting sculpture prints/netherlands hague blue tree 1909 10
Netherlands, hague, Blue tree, 1909-10
#media dmcs-9456395
universal images group/russia/fidel castro
Fidel castro
#media dmcs-9636003
history/tabula rogeriana drawn al idrisi roger ii sicily 1154
The Tabula Rogeriana, drawn by al-Idrisi for Roger II of Sicily in 1154, an important
#media dmcs-9781623
universal images group/universal history archive uk/opening keble college oxford university
#media dmcs-9705169
history/britain/saltaire model textile factory town near bradford
Saltaire, model textile factory and town near Bradford,Yorkshire, England
#media dmcs-9782695
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet composer dmitri shostakovich train
Soviet composer, dmitri shostakovich, on the train on his way home to moscow after
#media dmcs-9637137
history/painter/johannes vermeer 1632 1674 dutch painter
Johannes Vermeer (1632-1674) Dutch painter, Zittende Klavecimbelspeelster (1673-1675)
#media dmcs-9759983
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/solidity fog 1912
Solidity of Fog, 1912
#media dmcs-9504329
art/archeology/sleeping drunken satyr known barberini faun
Sleeping or drunken satyr known as the Barberini Faun, Roman marble copy
#media dmcs-9469945
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/new accurate map ancient modern rome jean van ram
New and Accurate Map of Ancient and Modern Rome by Jean van Ram, copperplate, printed
#media dmcs-9455199
vintage postcards/vintage/rocky marciano postcard rocky marciano postcard
Rocky Marciano Postcard. Rocky Marciano Postcard
#media dmcs-9749533
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet composer dmitri shostakovich working study
Soviet composer, dmitri shostakovich, working in his study, 1938
#media dmcs-9667453
art/minor arts/austria vienna photographic portrait gustav
Austria, Vienna, Photographic portrait of Gustav Mahler
#media dmcs-9495445
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map ancient abruzzo giovan battista pacichelli
Map of ancient Abruzzo, by Giovan Battista Pacichelli, engraving, 1702
#media dmcs-9572905
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/map venice 1500 jacopo barbari
Map of Venice in 1500, by Jacopo de Barbari
#media dmcs-9505423
history/tuke henry scott 1858 1929 artist ruby
Tuke, Henry Scott (1858-1929) artist. Ruby, gold and malachite, 1902
#media dmcs-9759469
history/french/french religious wars 1562 1598 siege poitiers
French Religious Wars 1562-1598. Siege of Poitiers 24 July-7 September 1569. Huguenots
#media dmcs-9765373
history/painter/a man armour 1655 oil canvas rembrandt van rijn
'A Man in Armour', 1655. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-9758825
art/archeology/high angle view palace temple solomons palace
High angle view of a palace and a temple, Solomon's Palace, Solomon's Temple
#media dmcs-9514333
universal images group/russia 1940s/red army soldiers raising soviet flag reichstag berlin
Red army soldiers raising the soviet flag over the reichstag in berlin, germany, april 30
#media dmcs-9639583
history/art/bayeux tapestry 1067 battle hastings 14 october 1066
Bayeux Tapestry 1067: Battle of Hastings, 14 October 1066. The death of Harold II
#media dmcs-9757979
art/painting sculpture prints/france nice blue nude iv 1952
France, Nice, Blue Nude IV, 1952
#media dmcs-9500955
history/giacomo puccini 1858 1924 italian composer operas
Giacomo Puccini (1858 -1924) Italian composer of operas. Poster for Madama Butterfly
#media dmcs-9759455
history/icon st joseph arimathea glastonbury holy
Icon of St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury, with the Holy Grail and the staff
#media dmcs-9760547
universal images group/editorial religion buddhism/mandala tibetan thangka
Mandala on a Tibetan thangka
#media dmcs-9647733
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/hungary budapest green donkey metaphysics
Hungary, Budapest, The Green donkey (Metaphysics), 1924
#media dmcs-9572371
history/painter/lace maker c1664 johannes vermeer 1632 1674
The Lace Maker' c1664: Johannes Vermeer (1632-1674) Dutch painter. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-9768389
history/london/illustration hookes law elasticity materials
Illustration of Hooke's Law on elasticity of materials, showing stretching of
#media dmcs-9781999
art/archeology/greek civilization fresco depicting ship procession
Greek civilization, fresco depicting ship procession, from Akrotiri, Thera Island
#media dmcs-9475087
art/prehistoric art/mosaic muses augusta treverorum trier
Mosaic of Nine Muses, from Augusta Treverorum (Trier)
#media dmcs-9563645
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/first parliamentary labour socialist party
First Parliamentary Labour (Socialist) Party gathered
#media dmcs-9699629
history/scotland ever charge scots greys waterloo
'Scotland for Ever'. The charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo, 18 June 1815
#media dmcs-9763803
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/mappa mundi ink colors parchment created
Mappa Mundi, ink and colors on parchment, created in London about 1265
#media dmcs-9501673
history/science/camera obscura showing scene outside collected
#media dmcs-9789069
drawings/dinosaurs/illustration gallimimus catching insects
#media dmcs-9569095
art/prehistoric art/colombia huila department san agustin archeological park
#media dmcs-9563689