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history/scotland ever charge scots greys waterloo
'Scotland for Ever'. The charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo, 18 June 1815
#media dmcs-9763803
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/mappa mundi ink colors parchment created
Mappa Mundi, ink and colors on parchment, created in London about 1265
#media dmcs-9501673
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/map venice 1500 jacopo barbari
Map of Venice in 1500, by Jacopo de Barbari
#media dmcs-9505423
art/painting sculpture prints/france nice blue nude iv 1952
France, Nice, Blue Nude IV, 1952
#media dmcs-9500955
universal images group/russia 1940s/red army soldiers raising soviet flag reichstag berlin
Red army soldiers raising the soviet flag over the reichstag in berlin, germany, april 30
#media dmcs-9639583
art/painting sculpture prints/netherlands hague blue tree 1909 10
Netherlands, hague, Blue tree, 1909-10
#media dmcs-9456395
history/giacomo puccini 1858 1924 italian composer operas
Giacomo Puccini (1858 -1924) Italian composer of operas. Poster for Madama Butterfly
#media dmcs-9759455
universal images group/russia/fidel castro
Fidel castro
#media dmcs-9636003
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/hungary budapest green donkey metaphysics
Hungary, Budapest, The Green donkey (Metaphysics), 1924
#media dmcs-9572371
history/art/bayeux tapestry 1067 battle hastings 14 october 1066
Bayeux Tapestry 1067: Battle of Hastings, 14 October 1066. The death of Harold II
#media dmcs-9757979
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/first parliamentary labour socialist party
First Parliamentary Labour (Socialist) Party gathered
#media dmcs-9699629
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet composer dmitri shostakovich train
Soviet composer, dmitri shostakovich, on the train on his way home to moscow after
#media dmcs-9637137
art/minor arts/austria vienna photographic portrait gustav
Austria, Vienna, Photographic portrait of Gustav Mahler
#media dmcs-9495445
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/italy florence view florence ponte alle
Italy, Florence, View of Florence with Ponte alle Grazie by Emilio Burci
#media dmcs-9572805
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/cantino planisphere alberto cantino 1502
Cantino planisphere by Alberto Cantino, 1502
#media dmcs-9501145
art/archeology/greek civilization fresco depicting ship procession
Greek civilization, fresco depicting ship procession, from Akrotiri, Thera Island
#media dmcs-9475087
art/archeology/sleeping drunken satyr known barberini faun
Sleeping or drunken satyr known as the Barberini Faun, Roman marble copy
#media dmcs-9469945
history/tabula rogeriana drawn al idrisi roger ii sicily 1154
The Tabula Rogeriana, drawn by al-Idrisi for Roger II of Sicily in 1154, an important
#media dmcs-9781623
history/icon st joseph arimathea glastonbury holy
Icon of St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury, with the Holy Grail and the staff
#media dmcs-9760547
universal images group/russia n/lady vladimir icon andrei rublyov 1408
Our lady of vladimir' icon by andrei rublyov, 1408
#media dmcs-9663135
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/solidity fog 1912
Solidity of Fog, 1912
#media dmcs-9504329
history/britain/saltaire model textile factory town near bradford
Saltaire, model textile factory and town near Bradford, Yorkshire, England
#media dmcs-9782695
vintage postcards/usa/greeting card jamaica new york ca 1943
Greeting Card from Jamaica, New York. ca. 1943, Jamaica, Queens, New York, New York
#media dmcs-9777617
history/art/death world imperialist monster 1919 soviet
Death to the World Imperialist Monster', 1919. Soviet propaganda poster by Dmitry Moor
#media dmcs-9770665
history/tuke henry scott 1858 1929 artist ruby
Tuke, Henry Scott (1858-1929) artist. Ruby, gold and malachite, 1902
#media dmcs-9759469
history/britain/construction railway line 1841 digging
Construction of a Railway Line', 1841. Digging a cutting on the Great Western Railway
#media dmcs-9756471
vintage postcards/vintage/rocky marciano postcard rocky marciano postcard
Rocky Marciano Postcard. Rocky Marciano Postcard
#media dmcs-9749533
vintage postcards/prints/mellows lobsters airplane ca 1948 lobsters
Mellow's Lobsters Airplane. Ca. 1948, Lobsters Shipped Anywhere from Gloucester
#media dmcs-9747757
underwood archives/indoors/american gangster al capone
American Gangster Al Capone
#media dmcs-9739763
universal images group/universal history archive british/john howard 1726 1790
John Howard (1726-1790)
#media dmcs-9718595
universal images group/universal history archive uk/opening keble college oxford university
The Opening of Keble College, Oxford University, Oxford, Uk, 1870
#media dmcs-9705169
universal images group/editorial religion buddhism/mandala tibetan thangka
Mandala on a Tibetan thangka
#media dmcs-9647733
universal images group/editorial religion buddhism/wheel samsara
Wheel of Samsara
#media dmcs-9614559
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/germany saxony anhalt halle portrait german composer
Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, Halle, Portrait of German composer, son of Johann Sebastian Bach
#media dmcs-9590727
art/painting sculpture prints cartography/map ancient abruzzo giovan battista pacichelli
Map of ancient Abruzzo, by Giovan Battista Pacichelli, engraving, 1702
#media dmcs-9572905
marka/breed dogs/bearded collie
Bearded Collie
#media dmcs-9546283
art/minor arts/france saint germain en laye vaslav nijinsky
France, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Vaslav Nijinsky in Claude Debussy's L'Apres
#media dmcs-9495505
animals/vertical/african harrier hawk perched twig grey feathers
African Harrier Hawk perched on a twig grey feathers with a speckled under-belly
#media dmcs-9481677
history/giant limestone statues ramses ii rameses
Giant limestone statues of Ramses II (Rameses - 1304-1237 BC) holding the crook
#media dmcs-9788571
history/painter/johannes vermeer 1632 1674 dutch painter
Johannes Vermeer (1632-1674) Dutch painter, Zittende Klavecimbelspeelster (1673-1675)
#media dmcs-9759983
history/painter/a man armour 1655 oil canvas rembrandt van rijn
'A Man in Armour', 1655. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-9758825
history/britain/himmel all highest truth spoken worst us
Himmel The All-Highest has the truth spoken - the worst is behind us'. German
#media dmcs-9756781
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet composer dmitri shostakovich working study
Soviet composer, dmitri shostakovich, working in his study, 1938
#media dmcs-9667453
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/germany bayreuth scenic design temple holy grail
Germany, Bayreuth, Scenic design for Temple of the Holy Grail, first act of Parsifal
#media dmcs-9572151
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/italy girl running balcony 1912 oil canvas
Italy, Girl running on Balcony, 1912, oil on canvas
#media dmcs-9570841
food drink/pint guinness
Pint of Guinness
#media dmcs-9566753
history/militaria/scotland forever elizabeth southerden thompson
Scotland forever, by Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, oil on canvas, 1881
#media dmcs-9538273
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/new accurate map ancient modern rome jean van ram
New and Accurate Map of Ancient and Modern Rome by Jean van Ram, copperplate, printed
#media dmcs-9455199
history/bette davis 1908 1989 infatuated flapper rich
Bette Davis (1908-1989) as an infatuated 'flapper' in The Rich Are Always With Us
#media dmcs-9782373
history/painter/lace maker c1664 johannes vermeer 1632 1674
The Lace Maker' c1664: Johannes Vermeer (1632-1674) Dutch painter. Oil on canvas
#media dmcs-9768389
universal images group/editorial religion roman catholicism/master organ notre dame paris cathedral
Master organ in Notre Dame of Paris cathedral
#media dmcs-9670773
universal images group/russia 1940s/world war 2 senior sergeants v mityoshina n
World war 2, senior sergeants v, mityoshina and n, zalko, former students of the
#media dmcs-9620557
history/britain/view sunderland iron bridge tyne wearmouth
View of Sunderland the Iron Bridge across the Tyne at Wearmouth looking eastwards
#media dmcs-9782959
history/britain/new lanark mills scotland robert owens
New Lanark Mills, Scotland. Robert Owen's (1771-1858) model community of cotton mills
#media dmcs-9780267
history/edward confessor c1003 66 anglo saxon king england 1042
Edward The Confessor (c1003-66) Anglo-Saxon king of England from 1042
#media dmcs-9779737
history/painter/federico da montefeltro 1422 1482 duke urbino 1444
Federico da Montefeltro (1422-1482) Duke of Urbino from 1444.1474: Piero Della Francesca
#media dmcs-9771169
history/art/battle kawanakajima japan sengoku period
A Battle of Kawanakajima, Japan, Sengoku Period - Shinano Province (modern Ngano)
#media dmcs-9757591
history/egon krenz 1937 communist east german politician
Egon Krenz (1937-) former Communist East German politician. General Secretary of
#media dmcs-9756177
underwood archives/indoors/new site clay liston fight
New Site For Clay-Liston Fight
#media dmcs-9736739
universal images group/universal history archive uk/foot bridge river welland stamford uk 1882 mr
Foot Bridge over the River Welland, at Stamford, Uk, 1882; Mr. J.B. Everard, C.E
#media dmcs-9705593
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/cover standard empire
Cover of "Standard of Empire"
#media dmcs-9700583
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/rosa luxemburg 1871 1919
Rosa Luxemburg (1871 - 1919)
#media dmcs-9699049
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet poet yevgeny yevtushenko reciting
Soviet poet yevgeny yevtushenko reciting his work at a poetry evening held at the
#media dmcs-9681469
universal images group/russia/yaroslavl russia september 8 2011 lokomotiv
Yaroslavl, russia, september 8, 2011, lokomotiv yaroslavl fans commemorate players
#media dmcs-9661473
universal images group/editorial religion roman catholicism/church candles
Church candles
#media dmcs-9648209
universal images group/russia ussr/lenin moscow march 2 6 1919
Lenin in moscow on march 2-6, 1919
#media dmcs-9643219
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet composer dmitri shostakovich backstage
Soviet composer, dmitri shostakovich, backstage listening to the first performance
#media dmcs-9634857
universal images group/russia/teenager rides skateboard memorial museum
A teenager rides a skateboard at the memorial museum of cosmonautics in peace avenue
#media dmcs-9624759
marka/italy/myocastor coypus rome chm lipu ostia italy
Myocastor Coypus. Rome. Chm Lipu Ostia Italy
#media dmcs-9589669
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/austria salzburg orpheus eurydice hades
Austria, Salzburg, Orpheus and Eurydice in Hades
#media dmcs-9573061
art/painting sculpture prints/vesterbro passage copenhagen winter paul fischer
Vesterbro Passage in Copenhagen in winter, by Paul Fischer, 1919
#media dmcs-9573023
art/painting sculpture prints 19th century/italy view amalfi 1831 felix mendelssohn bartholdy
Italy, View of Amalfi in May 1831 by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847), watercolor
#media dmcs-9570997
biology/botany herbaria/northern maidenhair fern adiantum pedatum
Northern Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum pedatum), Polypodiaceae by Angela Rossi Bottione
#media dmcs-9569899
earth sciences/geography horizontal/spain galicia aerial view vigo
Spain, Galicia, Aerial view of Vigo
#media dmcs-9564049
art/prehistoric art/mosaic muses augusta treverorum trier
Mosaic of Nine Muses, from Augusta Treverorum (Trier)
#media dmcs-9563645
animals/animal/daubentons bat myotis daubentonii bat flight
Daubenton's bat, myotis daubentonii, bat in flight
#media dmcs-9559997
art/archeology/egypt deir el medina statuary group representing
Egypt, Deir el-Medina, Statuary group representing Pharaoh Ramesses II (circa 1279-1213 B
#media dmcs-9516109
art/archeology/egypt luxor valley queens nefertaris tomb
Egypt, Luxor, Valley of the Queens, Nefertari's Tomb, Details form frescos in
#media dmcs-9515265
art/archeology/etruscan civilization amazon sarcophagus
Etruscan civilization, Amazon Sarcophagus - detail of painted decoration. From Tarquinia
#media dmcs-9513919
art/archeology/ancient roman fresco architectonic themes pompeii
Ancient Roman fresco with architectonic themes from Pompeii, 1st Century
#media dmcs-9510987
ewing galloway agents/queen elizabeth dock new york city
The Queen Elizabeth at dock, New York City
#media dmcs-9507815
art/painting sculpture prints illustration painting/france mont saint michel nicholas tassin
France, Mont-Saint-Michel by Nicholas Tassin, engraving, circa 1631
#media dmcs-9502061
art/painting sculpture prints indoors/italy catania portrait italian opera composer
Italy, Catania, Portrait of Italian opera composer, Vincenzo Bellini
#media dmcs-9501585
art/painting sculpture prints/austria vienna portrait ferrara court jester gonella
Austria, Vienna,, Portrait of the Ferrara Court Jester Gonella, 1442
#media dmcs-9500363
biology/botany herbaria/wild angelica angelica sylvestris leonhart
Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestris) by Leonhart Fuchs from De historia stirpium commentarii
#media dmcs-9499367
biology/botany herbaria/german iris iris florentina iris germanica
German Iris - Iris florentina (Iris germanica) by Leonhart Fuchs from De historia
#media dmcs-9498545
art/minor arts/twelfth italian grand prix monza september 9
Twelfth Italian Grand Prix at Monza, September 9, 1934, illustration by Plinio Codognato
#media dmcs-9496387
earth sciences/fossils/brachiopods cyclothyris shell brachiopod
Brachiopods - Cyclothyris: The shell of the brachiopod Cyclothyris difformis (Valenciennes)
#media dmcs-9488793
earth sciences/fossils/diapsid dinilysia skull lower jaws
Diapsid - Dinilysia: Skull and lower jaws
#media dmcs-9488757
animals/brown/seal point siamese cat darker colouration back
Seal Point Siamese cat with darker colouration on back, sitting, looking over its
#media dmcs-9480905
animals/seated orangutan eating fruit
Seated Orangutan eating Fruit
#media dmcs-9479911
animals/view/wire haired miniature dachshund canis familiaris
Wire-haired Miniature Dachshund (Canis familiaris) showing strong, prominent eyebrows
#media dmcs-9477795
art/archeology/greek civilization fresco depicting spring
Greek civilization, fresco depicting spring, from Akrotiri, Thera, Santorini
#media dmcs-9475257
art/archeology/greek civilization black figure pottery
Greek civilization, Black-figure pottery, Krater depicting fight for the body of Patroclus
#media dmcs-9473841
art/archeology/bronze statue depicting dionysus fufluns
Bronze statue depicting Dionysus, Fufluns
#media dmcs-9461007
art/painting sculpture prints/spain pages arab manuscript considerations
Spain, Two pages from the Arab manuscript, considerations about grammar by Izz Al-Din-Al-Zayani
#media dmcs-9455621
history/britain/train crossing stockport viaduct london
Train crossing Stockport viaduct on London & North Western Railway
#media dmcs-9788819
history/french/french religious wars 1562 1598 siege poitiers
French Religious Wars 1562-1598. Siege of Poitiers 24 July-7 September 1569. Huguenots
#media dmcs-9765373
universal images group/universal history archive british/bertrand arthur william russell 3rd earl russell
Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970)
#media dmcs-9721125
universal images group/universal history archive european/old windmill rye south coast uk uk britain
An old windmill at Rye, the south coast, UK, U
#media dmcs-9709995