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earth sciences/geography tranquil scene/usa california yosemite national park waterfall
Earth Sciences
earth sciences/geography horizontal/spain galicia aerial view vigo
Spain, Galicia, Aerial view of Vigo
earth sciences/fossils/diapsid dinilysia skull lower jaws
Diapsid - Dinilysia: Skull and lower jaws
earth sciences/fossils/brachiopods cyclothyris shell brachiopod cyclothyris
Brachiopods - Cyclothyris: The shell of the brachiopod Cyclothyris difformis (Valenciennes)
earth sciences/geography tranquil scene/italy friuli venezia giulia region lius saddle
Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, Lius Saddle with Mount Sernio and Creta Grauzaria
earth sciences/fossils/hydnoceras glass sponge type invertebrate fossil
Hydnoceras (Glass Sponge), a type of invertebrate fossil, late Devonian-Carboniferous era
earth sciences/minerals fossils/vesicular basalt
Vesicular Basalt
earth sciences/fossils/brachiopods mucrospirifer butterfly shell spiriferida
Brachiopods - Mucrospirifer: The butterfly shell of the spiriferida Mucrospirifer mucronata
earth sciences/fossils/bivalves cardiola cluster fossilised shells
Bivalves - Cardiola: A cluster of fossilised shells of Cardiola interrupta J. de C
earth sciences/fossils/nautiloids aturia fossilised internal mould
Nautiloids - Aturia: The fossilised internal mould of the shell of the nautilus Aturia
earth sciences/minerals fossils/opalescent gypsum satin spar
Opalescent Gypsum or Satin Spar
earth sciences/minerals fossils/obsidian rough
Obsidian Rough
earth sciences/minerals fossils/rectangular step cut yellow orthoclase
Rectangular step-cut yellow Orthoclase
earth sciences/minerals fossils/mammals tetralophodon fossilised teeth tetralophodon
Mammals - Tetralophodon: Fossilised teeth from Tetralophodon longirostris, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/ferns zeilleria zeilleria leaflets fossilized
Ferns - Zeilleria: Zeilleria leaflets fossilized in mudstone
earth sciences/minerals fossils/mammals australopithecus fossilzed lower jaw
Mammals - Australopithecus: Fossilzed lower jaw bone and teeth of Pliocene
earth sciences/minerals fossils/mammals mammuthus fossilised upper cheek tooth
Mammals - Mammuthus: Fossilised upper cheek tooth from a Mammoth, Pliocene-Early Holocene
earth sciences/minerals fossils/fossilised exogyra africana oyster shells late
Fossilised Exogyra africana (Oyster shells), late Cretaceous era
earth sciences/minerals fossils/anapsid cimochelys fossil extint sea turtle
Anapsid - Cimochelys: Fossil of extint Sea Turtle (Cosmochelys) shell
earth sciences/minerals fossils/lower jaw iguanodon dinosaur
Lower jaw of Iguanodon dinosaur
earth sciences/minerals fossils/staurolite crystals mica schist groundmass
Staurolite crystals in mica schist groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/completely fossilized hermit crab
Completely fossilized Hermit Crab
earth sciences/minerals fossils/slab grey marble
Slab of grey marble
earth sciences/minerals fossils/crustacea carpopenaeus carpopenaeus fossil
Crustacea - Carpopenaeus: Carpopenaeus fossil, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/turquoise rock surface close up
Turquoise on rock surface, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/epidote crystals rock groundmass close up
Epidote crystals in rock groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/pink white chabazite crystals basalt groundmass
Pink-white chabazite crystals in basalt groundmass
earth sciences/minerals fossils/mud lobster thalassina anomala fossil ventral
Mud Lobster (Thalassina anomala) fossil, ventral view
earth sciences/minerals fossils/fossilised bones shells including thescelosaurus
Fossilised bones and shells, including Thescelosaurus skull, Iguanodon fibula, ammonite
earth sciences/minerals fossils/purple lepidolite crystals pegmatitic groundmass
Purple lepidolite crystals in pegmatitic groundmass
earth sciences/minerals fossils/rock crystal
Rock Crystal
earth sciences/minerals fossils/mimetite prismatic crystal form close up
Mimetite in prismatic crystal form, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/fossilised coral siphonodendron junceum
Fossilised coral (Siphonodendron junceum)
earth sciences/minerals fossils/blue topaz crystal pegmatite groundmass
Blue topaz crystal in pegmatite groundmass
earth sciences/minerals fossils/brilliant cut sapphire
Brilliant-cut Sapphire
earth sciences/minerals fossils/brown quartz cairngorm close up
Brown quartz or cairngorm, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/emerald crystal embedded host mass white calcite
Emerald crystal embedded in host mass of white calcite matrix
earth sciences/minerals fossils/grey green piece moldavite type tektite
A grey-green piece of moldavite, a type of tektite
earth sciences/minerals fossils/cushion brilliant cut moonstone orthoclase
Cushion brilliant-cut Moonstone (Orthoclase)
earth sciences/minerals fossils/hawks eye chatoyant quartz close up
Hawk's-eye, a chatoyant quartz, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/blue dumortierite quartz showing white crystals
Blue Dumortierite quartz showing white crystals and inclusions
earth sciences/minerals fossils/crystal section watermelon tourmaline
Crystal Section of Watermelon Tourmaline
earth sciences/minerals fossils/diapsid diplocynodon fossilised neck vertebra
Diapsid - Diplocynodon: Fossilised neck vertebra of Diplocynodon alligator, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/fluorite crystal turned blue ultra violet light
Fluorite crystal, turned blue in ultra-violet light, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/cushion mixed cut chrysoberyl
Cushion mixed-cut chrysoberyl
earth sciences/minerals fossils/octagonal mixed cut ruby spinel
Octagonal Mixed-cut Ruby Spinel
earth sciences/minerals fossils/rectangular step cut pink tourmaline rubellite
Rectangular step-cut pink Tourmaline (rubellite), a crystal silicate mineral
earth sciences/minerals fossils/five lobed liquidambar leaf fossilised limestone
Five-lobed Liquidambar leaf fossilised in limestone
earth sciences/minerals fossils/diapsid hyperodapedon hyperodapedon skull
Diapsid - Hyperodapedon: Hyperodapedon skull, lateral view
earth sciences/minerals fossils/mixed cut demantoid andradite garnet
Mixed-cut demantoid andradite garnet
earth sciences/minerals fossils/microlite crystals groundmass close up
Microlite crystals in groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/anapsid pelusios pelusios turtle fossil
Anapsid - Pelusios: Pelusios turtle fossil
earth sciences/minerals fossils/fossilised clavithes shell a type sea snail
Fossilised Clavithes shell (a type of sea snail), Palaeocene-Pliocene period
earth sciences/minerals fossils/crassatella sulcata shell fossils
Crassatella sulcata shell fossils
earth sciences/minerals fossils/rough grey witherite mineral crystal form
Rough grey Witherite mineral in crystal form
earth sciences/minerals fossils/dorsal view fossilized linuparus
Dorsal view of fossilized Linuparus
earth sciences/minerals fossils/clinochlore crystals rock groundmass close up
Clinochlore crystals in rock groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/brachiopods productus fossilized carboniforous
Brachiopods productus fossilized in carboniforous limestone
earth sciences/minerals fossils/external shell fossilized cyclosphaeroma
External shell of fossilized Cyclosphaeroma
earth sciences/minerals fossils/blue green dioptase crystals groundmass close up
Blue-green dioptase crystals in groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/snowflake obisidian type volcanic rock
Snowflake Obisidian, a type of volcanic rock
earth sciences/minerals fossils/sanidine trachyte lava groundmass
Sanidine on trachyte lava groundmass
earth sciences/minerals fossils/iguanodon skull mandible young dinosaur
Iguanodon, skull and mandible of young dinosaur
earth sciences/minerals fossils/pieces magnetic mineral
Three pieces of magnetic mineral
earth sciences/minerals fossils/chrysocolla polished copper silicate stone
Chrysocolla, polished copper silicate stone, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/richterite quartz groundmass
Richterite in quartz groundmass
earth sciences/minerals fossils/gorgosaurus jaw bone
Gorgosaurus jaw bone
earth sciences/minerals fossils/tanzanite mixed cut
Tanzanite Mixed-cut
earth sciences/minerals fossils/fossil skeleton cryptoclidus eurymerus plesiosaur
Fossil skeleton of Cryptoclidus eurymerus, a plesiosaur from the Mid-Jurassic era
earth sciences/minerals fossils/spinel crystals quartz groundmass close up
Spinel crystals in quartz groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/chrysoberyl close up
Chrysoberyl, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/piece tugtupite pink white
Piece of tugtupite, pink and white
earth sciences/minerals fossils/anglesite crystals matrix
Anglesite Crystals in Matrix
earth sciences/minerals fossils/lapis lazuli close up
Lapis lazuli, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/cubic fluorite crystals iron ore groundmass
Cubic fluorite crystals in iron ore groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/heulandite rock groundmass close up
Heulandite in rock groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/franklinite crystals calcite groundmass close up
Franklinite crystals in calcite groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/spessartine crystal nesosilicate manganese aluminium
Spessartine crystal, a nesosilicate, manganese aluminium garnet
earth sciences/minerals fossils/soliclymenia ammonoid fossilised rock late devonian
Soliclymenia ammonoid fossilised in rock, late Devonian period
earth sciences/minerals fossils/chalcopyrite quartz crystals close up
Chalcopyrite and quartz crystals, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/strontianite mineral strontium carbonate
Strontianite mineral (strontium carbonate)
earth sciences/minerals fossils/euclase rock close up
Euclase rock, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/gastropods cirsotrema cirsotrema lamellosum
Gastropods - Cirsotrema: Cirsotrema lamellosum (Wentletrap shell), Pliocene era
earth sciences/minerals fossils/zircon crystals syenite groundmass close up
Zircon crystals in syenite groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/spilite igneous rock
Spilite igneous rock
earth sciences/minerals fossils/beryl rock groundmass close up
Beryl in rock groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/stalactitic polished slab aragonite close up
Stalactitic, polished slab of aragonite, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/sillimanite crystals rock groundmass close up
Sillimanite crystals in rock groundmass, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/fronds fern called asterotheca preserved fossil
Fronds of Fern called Asterotheca preserved as fossil
earth sciences/minerals fossils/natural glass tektite australites rough close up
Two natural glass Tektite Australites rough, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/cleaved calcite rhombs close up
Cleaved calcite rhombs, close-up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/nailhead calcite galena associated mineral
Nailhead calcite, and galena, an associated mineral
earth sciences/minerals fossils/oxyoticeras oxynotum ammonite fossil jurassic
Oxyoticeras oxynotum (Ammonite) fossil, Jurassic era
earth sciences/minerals fossils/fossilized titanosaurid eggs
Fossilized Titanosaurid eggs
earth sciences/minerals fossils/oval step cut axinite
Oval step-cut axinite
earth sciences/minerals fossils/limestone rock close
Limestone rock, close up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/pumice rock close
Pumice rock, close up
earth sciences/minerals fossils/enstatite crystals rough rock matrix
Enstatite crystals in rough rock matrix
earth sciences/minerals fossils/silicon carbide crystal
Silicon carbide crystal


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