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history/art/bayeux tapestry 1067 battle hastings 14 october 1066
history/art/death world imperialist monster 1919 soviet
history/art/battle kawanakajima japan sengoku period shinano
history/art/bayeux tapestry 1067 harold ii crowned king england
history/art/costume design leon bakst 1866 1924 russian
history/art/eighth pylon karnak thebes c1911 watercolour
history/art/hand constantine sculpture fragment giant statue
history/art/greek warrior fighting amazons female warriors
history/art/meeting demonstration 1919 linocut vladimir
history/art/mosaic tiger gladiators 2nd centuryad national
history/art/la manivelle starting up female engineering worker
history/art/heliogabalus 204 22 roman emperor 218 murdered
history/art/alexander sarcophagus 4th century bc showing
history/art/head viking warrior national historical museum
history/art/venus resting shell house venus pompei italy
history/art/bacchus ancient roman god wine dionysius greek
history/art/baptistry building florence italy showing panels
history/art/benin bronze plaque warrior chief bini tribe
history/art/ezekiel prophesying elders israel babylon
history/art/album ragamala young woman portrait absent lover
history/art/antonius pius emperor rome 86 161 15th roman
history/art/packaging label neptune brand tobacco produced
history/art/souvenir shell depicting scenes life jesus
history/art/kalmyk men wrestling russian lithograph 1813
history/art/diana ancient roman goddess hunting moon artemis
history/art/trajans column rome completed 113 column celebrating
history/art/henry purcell 1659 1695 english composer
history/art/album ragamala golden rain women pool crescent
history/art/athena varvakion roman copy gold ivory ceremonial
history/art/album ragamala prince sits terrace pavilion listening
history/art/ivan iv vasilyevich ivan terrible 1530 1584
history/art/marcus vipsanius agrippa postumus 12 bc 14
history/art/ancient roman sea god marble statue seated god
history/art/temple vesta ancient roman 2nd century ad vesta
history/art/world war i eastern front battle carpathian passes
history/art/world war i 1914 1918 misunderstanding cartoon
history/art/ara pacis altar augustan peace rome consecrated
history/art/peoples russia samoyeds coloured lithograph 1813
history/art/album ragamala servant brings refreshment lovers
history/art/frozen food market 1821 russian manners customs
history/art/peoples russia prince little kabarda coloured
history/art/russian manners customs 1821 coloured lithograph
history/art/view great theatre square st petersburg 1817
history/art/john ruskin 1819 1900 british author art critic
history/art/marble portrait bust valentinian ii half brother
history/art/monument louis xiv 1670 terracotta gianlorezo
history/art/album ragamala dipaka light raga terrace lit
history/art/album ragamala prince leads young woman divan
history/art/decor design giuseppe galli da bibiena 1696 1757
history/art/ritual frescoes initiation chamber villa mysteries
history/art/st petersburg winter c1817 view arsenal foundry
history/art/album ragamala prince kneels feet mistress khandita
history/art/hay market sennaya ploschad st petersburg 1822 1826
history/art/album ragamala young woman charming deer gazelles
history/art/album ragamala young woman prays shrine shiva
history/art/album ragamala vasanta spring krishna dances
history/art/isabella romola demedici 1542 1576 daughter
history/art/angel crown thorns 1667 1669 marble gianlorezo
history/art/marriage mars aphrodite1st century ad house
history/art/roman mosaic showing daniel great hebrew prophets
history/art/hecate giants roman relief school pergamum hecate
history/art/paradise garden refreshing stream meandering flowering
history/art/roman mosaic lion
history/art/may day 1920 ruins capitalism fraternity peasants
history/art/seleucus i c358 280 bc nicator macedonian
history/art/drawing landscape using portable camera obscura
history/art/horus ancient egyptian falcon god saite epoch
history/art/ploughing lesson barefoot peasant ploughman
history/art/artemidorus 2nd century encaustic coffin portrait
history/art/relief carving stairway royal audience hall darius i
history/art/lets it 1944 poster soviet social realism style
history/art/celtic art bronze boar sanctuary newy loiret
history/art/nezami elyas yusof nezami ganjavi born c1141 1203 17
history/art/ra sun boat carried procession painted relief
history/art/philip ii 382 336bc king macedon 359 bc
history/art/koran north indian manuscript 1838 private
history/art/koran turkish manuscript 1882 marginal floral
history/art/fragment relief showing gladiators fighting
history/art/benin bronze horse rider british museum
history/art/pompei hunt dwarfs fresco naples national
history/art/romance legend alexander great 356 323 bc recounted
history/art/koran 1867 manuscript priavte collection
history/art/dante alighieri inferno first divina commedia
history/art/gladiators arena roman mosaic saarbruck
history/art/statues rameses ii ruler egypt c1304 c1273 bc
history/art/steelworks scene rolling millartist v rozhedstvensky
history/art/ussr poster may day 1950 showing male female worker
history/art/juno hera wife sister jupiter queen heaven
history/art/alexander iii macedon great c356 323 bc
history/art/sphinx giza egypt photographed night
history/art/artemis diana ephesus marble body enclosed
history/art/trajans column rome erected emperor trajan
history/art/augustus caesar gaius julius caesar octavianus
history/art/seated figure king servant beneath winged symbol
history/art/sphinx great pyramid night giza egypt
history/art/socrates 469 399 bc greek philosopher roman
history/art/fight her come irish canadian rangers overseas
history/art/frederick i barbarossa 1121 1190 king germany 1152
history/art/diana artemis goddess hunting marble statue


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