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universal images group/russia 1940s/red army soldiers raising soviet flag reichstag berlin
Red army soldiers raising the soviet flag over the reichstag in berlin, germany, april 30
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet composer dmitri shostakovich train way
Soviet composer, dmitri shostakovich, on the train on his way home to moscow after
universal images group/russia/fidel castro
Fidel castro
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/first parliamentary labour socialist party
First Parliamentary Labour (Socialist) Party gathered
universal images group/universal history archive uk/goat crystal palace uk 1883
The Goat Show at the Crystal Palace, Uk, 1883
universal images group/universal history archive uk/opening keble college oxford university oxford
The Opening of Keble College, Oxford University, Oxford, Uk, 1870
universal images group/editorial religion buddhism/mandala tibetan thangka
Mandala on a Tibetan thangka
universal images group/editorial religion religious art/stained glass window st peters basilica
Stained glass window in St Peter's basilica
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet composer dmitri shostakovich working study
Soviet composer, dmitri shostakovich, working in his study, 1938
universal images group/editorial religion buddhism/wheel samsara
Wheel of Samsara
universal images group/editorial religion roman catholicism/master organ notre dame paris cathedral
Master organ in Notre Dame of Paris cathedral
universal images group/russia n/lady vladimir icon andrei rublyov 1408
Our lady of vladimir' icon by andrei rublyov, 1408
universal images group/russia 1940s/world war 2 senior sergeants v mityoshina n
World war 2, senior sergeants v, mityoshina and n, zalko, former students of the moscow
universal images group/universal history archive british/john howard 1726 1790
John Howard (1726-1790)
universal images group/universal history archive uk/foot bridge river welland stamford uk 1882 mr
Foot Bridge over the River Welland, at Stamford, Uk, 1882; Mr. J.B. Everard, C.E
universal images group/universal history archive 19th century engraving/virginia drowned painting j bertrand
Virginia Drowned, from the Painting by J. Bertrand
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/rosa luxemburg 1871 1919
Rosa Luxemburg (1871 - 1919)
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet poet yevgeny yevtushenko reciting work
Soviet poet yevgeny yevtushenko reciting his work at a poetry evening held at the
universal images group/russia/yaroslavl russia september 8 2011 lokomotiv
Yaroslavl, russia, september 8, 2011, lokomotiv yaroslavl fans commemorate players
universal images group/russia ussr/lenin moscow march 2 6 1919
Lenin in moscow on march 2-6, 1919
universal images group/russia n/anton chekhov russian author dachshund quinine
Anton chekhov, russian author, with his dachshund quinine, may 1897, at melikhovo
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet composer dmitri shostakovich backstage
Soviet composer, dmitri shostakovich, backstage listening to the first performance
universal images group/russia/yelena mayorova masha olga barnet olga polina
Yelena mayorova (masha), olga barnet (olga), and polina medvedeva (irina) in a scene
universal images group/universal history archive british/bertrand arthur william russell 3rd earl russell
Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970)
universal images group/russia 1940s/twice hero soviet union major general sidor kovpak
Twice hero of the soviet union major-general sidor kovpak and hero of the soviet union
universal images group/russia/soviet troops marching red square parade commemorating
Soviet troops marching in red square in a parade commemorating the 73rd anniversary
universal images group/universal history archive history/wine cellar
Wine Cellar
universal images group/universal history archive botanical print/digitalis purpurea purple foxglove
Digitalis purpurea, Purple Foxglove
universal images group/universal history archive botanical print/cakile maritima sea rocket
Cakile maritima, Sea Rocket
universal images group/universal history archive 1851 engraving/wedding party mrs byerss
The Wedding Party At Mrs. Byers's
universal images group/universal history archive/theodore beza beze 1519 1605
Theodore Beza or Beze (1519-1605)
universal images group/universal history archive vertical/audience enjoying laughing gas
Audience enjoying laughing gas
universal images group/universal history archive european/old windmill rye south coast uk uk britain
An old windmill at Rye, the south coast, UK, U
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/cover standard empire
Cover of "Standard of Empire"
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/russian revolution 1905 1906
Russian Revolution 1905 - 1906
universal images group/universal history archive history/george wilhelm steller 1709 1746
George Wilhelm Steller (1709 - 1746)
universal images group/russia n/moscow ussr soviet grandmasters tigran petrosian
Moscow, ussr, soviet grandmasters tigran petrosian and boris spassky (l-r), world
universal images group/russia ussr/portrait yuri andropov soviet union 1979
Portrait of yuri andropov of the soviet union, 1979
universal images group/russia ussr/ivan kozhedub famous world war 2 soviet pilot
Ivan kozhedub, famous world war 2 soviet pilot
universal images group/russia 1940s/marshal georgy zhukov riding red square reviewing
Marshal georgy zhukov riding across red square, reviewing the troops, prior to the
universal images group/russia/dimitri ivanovich mendeleev 1834 1907 famous
Dimitri ivanovich mendeleev, 1834 - 1907, the famous russian chemist in his study
universal images group/russia industry/kiev region ukrainian ssr ussr unit control
Kiev region, ukrainian ssr, ussr, unit control desk of the chernobyl nuclear power plant
universal images group/russia n/chukotkas governor roman abramovich watches qualifying
Chukotka's governor roman abramovich watches qualifying match of the 2006 soccer
universal images group/editorial religion roman catholicism/church candles
Church candles
universal images group/russia 1940s/marshal georgy zhukov hero soviet union 1945
Marshal georgy zhukov, hero of the soviet union, 1945
universal images group/russia historical/alexandra kollontai russian revolutionary social
Alexandra kollontai, russian revolutionary, social theorist and stateswoman (1872-1952)
universal images group/russia ussr/daughter soviet kirghizia 1948 painting semyon
Daughter of soviet kirghizia' 1948 painting by semyon chuikov, socialist realism
universal images group/editorial religion jesus/icon st georges orthodox church
Icon in St George's orthodox church
universal images group/russia/teenager rides skateboard memorial museum cosmonautics
A teenager rides a skateboard at the memorial museum of cosmonautics in peace avenue
universal images group/russia n/stalin churchill conference room livadia palace
Stalin and churchill in the conference room of the livadia palace during the yalta conference
universal images group/editorial religion buddhism/gurdwara bangla sahib sikh temple
Gurdwara Bangla Sahib sikh temple
universal images group/universal history archive uk/stamford town civil parish river welland south
Stamford is a town and civil parish on the River Welland in the South Kesteven district
universal images group/universal history archive outdoors/limestone stele inscribe offering formula
Limestone stele inscribe with an offering formula. This stele shows a man and his wife
universal images group/universal history archive/yuri vladimirovich andropov soviet politician
Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov Soviet politician
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet leadership rostrum lenins tomb day demonstrations
The soviet leadership on the rostrum of lenin's tomb during may day demonstrations
universal images group/russia ussr/mikhail gorbachev secretary cpsu central committee
Mikhail gorbachev, secretary of the cpsu central committee, december 1978
universal images group/russia ussr/pokryshkin alexandr 1973 famous world war 2
Pokryshkin, alexandr, 1973, famous world war 2 soviet pilot
universal images group/russia ussr/kazimir malevich center russian avant garde
Kazimir malevich (center) russian avant garde artist with his pupils, ussr 1920s
universal images group/russia/moscow august 22 1991 boris yeltsyn rally held
Moscow, august 22, 1991: boris yeltsyn during the rally held near the house of soviets
universal images group/russia/beautiful young woman sitting bench reading book
A beautiful young woman sitting on a bench reading a book in a leningrad park, september 1978
universal images group/russia/model wearing winter coat artificial fur vympel
Model wearing winter coat made of artificial fur by vympel clothing firm, moscow, ussr
universal images group/russia industry/pripyat ukrainian ssr ussr kurchatov street
Pripyat, ukrainian ssr, ussr, kurchatov street, the monument 'taming of the fire'
universal images group/russia/young russian students outside exam hall moscow
Young russian students outside the exam hall before the moscow state university entrance exams
universal images group/russia ussr/kremlin moscow ussr december 27 1985 m s
Kremlin, moscow, ussr, december 27, 1985, m, s, gorbachev, general secretary of the
universal images group/russia ussr/soviet health resorts sanatorium ussr defense
Soviet health resorts, a sanatorium of the ussr defense ministry in sochi on the black sea coast
universal images group/russia ussr/6th session ussr supreme soviet 10th convocation
The 6th session of the ussr supreme soviet of the 10th convocation, first row: chernenko (left)
universal images group/russia n/afghan war veteran world war ll veteran arriving
An afghan war veteran and a world war ll veteran arriving at gorky park for a victory
universal images group/russia/intourist hotel moscow ussr 1974 rectangular
Intourist hotel, moscow, ussr, 1974 (rectangular building, center)
universal images group/russia/moscow university students moscow ussr 1960s
Moscow university students, moscow, ussr, 1960s
universal images group/russia/houses shore lake onega karelia russia
Houses on the shore of lake onega in karelia, russia
universal images group/russia/ussr irkutsk region view lake baikal november
Ussr, irkutsk region, view over lake baikal, november 1973
universal images group/russia/moscow russia july 31 2011 komsomolsky square
Moscow, russia, july 31, 2011, komsomolsky square with leningradsky (r), yaroslavsky
universal images group/russia ussr/bulletin board flyers various cultural sports events
A bulletin board with flyers for various cultural and sports events, moscow, ussr, 1977
universal images group/russia n/mobile chemist pharmacy drug store streets vladivostok
A mobile chemist (pharmacy/drug store) on the streets of vladivostok, russia, 1997
universal images group/russia ussr/trucks bearing sa 2 surface to air missiles military
Trucks bearing sa-2 surface-to-air missiles at a military parade in red square celebrating
universal images group/russia ussr/mother child shopping moscow supermarket times
A mother with her child shopping in a moscow supermarket during the times of economic
universal images group/russia ussr/moscow citizens buying newspapers kiosk 1986s
Moscow citizens buying newspapers at a kiosk, 1986s
universal images group/russia ussr/rsfsr moscow chairman supreme soviet rsfsr boris
Rsfsr, moscow, chairman of the supreme soviet of the rsfsr boris yeltsin (r, second)
universal images group/russia/young russian family alexander rusov chemist
A young russian family, alexander rusov, a chemist and fiction writer, out walking
universal images group/russia ussr/pokryshkin alexandr 1945 famous world war 2
Pokryshkin, alexandr, 1945, famous world war 2 soviet pilot
universal images group/russia ussr/v i lenin parley christensen 1920 usa presidential
V, i, lenin with parley christensen, 1920 usa presidential candidate representing
universal images group/russia 1940s/scenes grand opera ballet theater ussr ballet
Behind the scenes at the grand opera and ballet theater of the ussr, ballet dancers at a rehearsal
universal images group/russia ussr/yuri andropov mikhail gorbachev meeting party
Yuri andropov and mikhail gorbachev during a meeting with party veterans in the cpsu
universal images group/russia 1940s/lyudmila pavlichenko famous 26 year old russian
Lyudmila pavlichenko, famous 26 year old russian guerrilla sniper who has killed 309 germans
universal images group/russia soviet space program/sergei korolyov soviet scientist designer sphere
Sergei korolyov, soviet scientist and designer in the sphere of rocket building and cosmonautics
universal images group/russia ussr/banner lenin building overlooking elderly women
A banner of lenin on the side of a building overlooking two elderly women sitting
universal images group/russia ussr/levrenty beria 1939
Levrenty beria, 1939
universal images group/russia n/stalin speaks opening ceremonies celebating first
Stalin speaks at the opening ceremonies celebating the first subway line, hall of columns
universal images group/russia ussr/joseph stalin receiving bouquet flowers engelsina
Joseph stalin receiving a bouquet of flowers from engelsina (gelya) markizova, the
universal images group/russia historical/house architect konstantin melnikov 10 krivoarbatsky
The house of architect konstantin melnikov, in 10 krivoarbatsky pereulok, which he
universal images group/russia ussr/l beria g malenkov a mikoyan rostrum lenins
L, beria, g, malenkov, and a, mikoyan on the rostrum on lenin's tomb during a
universal images group/russia 1940s/nina lobkovskaya war peace like young girls
Nina lobkovskaya in war and peace, like all young girls, nina loves pretty clothes
universal images group/russia/alexander n yakovlev member political bureau
Alexander n, yakovlev, member of the political bureau of the russian communist party
universal images group/russia ussr/bolshevik leader sergei mironovich kirov speaking
Bolshevik leader sergei mironovich kirov speaking at the 17th congress of the all-union
universal images group/russia ussr/moscow residents opening new taganskaya metro station
Moscow residents at the opening of the new taganskaya metro station, ussr, january 1950
universal images group/russia ussr/spasso house residence ambassador soviet union
Spasso house, the residence of the us ambassador to the soviet union, walter b, smith
universal images group/russia ussr/young girls kindergarten sverdlov district moscow
Two young girls at a kindergarten in the sverdlov district of moscow adorning a portrait
universal images group/russia historical/napoleonic war 1812 depiction napoleons retreat
Napoleonic war of 1812, depiction of napoleon's retreat from moscow being overseen
universal images group/russia n/stalin making report celebration moscow soviet
Stalin making his report at the celebration of the moscow soviet of the working people's


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