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Lady Godina's Rout Or Peeping Tom Spying Out Pope Joan

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Lady Godina's Rout Or Peeping Tom Spying Out Pope Joan, Gillray, James, 1756-1815, Engraver, Engraving 1796, A Fashionable Crowd Playing Cards At Two Tables. In The Foreground, Four People Playing The Game Pope-joan. One Of The Women Is Wearing A Loose Fitting Semi-transparent Dress With Her Breasts Exposed. Behind Her, Peering Down Her Dress, Is A Man Who Is About To Cut Off A Candle Due To His Distracted State. Rear View Of A Fat Woman Dominates The Left Side Of The Picture.

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Media ID 9731919

Date: 1st January 1796

Copyright Status: Copyrighted Work

Source: Universal Images Group

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Image Size: 5000 x 3774 Pixels

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Associated Categories: Traditional

Keywords: 1756, 1796, 1815, aged, antique, arkheia, art, artwork, breasts, candle, cards, crowd, culture, cut, distracted, dominates, dress, due, engraved image, engravement, engraver, engraving, exposed, fashionable, fat, fitting, foreground, game, gillray, historic, historic art, historical, history, illustrative technique, james, joan, lady, left, loose, man, nostalgia, nostalgic, old, one, peeping, peering, people, picture, playing, pope, pope joan, rear, retro, retro styled, romantic, rout, semi transparent, side, spying, state, tables, tom, traditional, victorian, view, vintage, wearing, woman, women